Trains & Planes

We have unique tin toy trains that your choo-choo collector would love. Or would you rather fly in a Tin Toy Airplane.  Tin Trains, Locomotives, and Planes were the most popular wind up tin toys before the age of rockets and spaceships.

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10 Hot Air Balloons Tin Vintage Mobile
Fly in our beautiful balloons! Our all-tin Hot Air Balloons Mobile feature 10 uniquely colorfully pa..
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Silver and Blue DC 3 Airplane
Limit 1 Per Customer - For this Special Deal - Expires Wednesday - August 20, 2014 8:00 PM EST Tr..
Flying Propeller Hand Powered Toy
Wow it really flies, indoors and outside! Just move your hands in opposite directions and our lightw..
Plane Carousel Ornament
Hang this detailed colorful Plane Carousel ornament on your tree. The all-tin Carousel's planes spi..
Hugo Tin Train Classic Windup Pullman
Like the toys in the wind up shop and train station in Scorsese’s wonderful 2011 film, Hugo - this t..
DC 3 Airplane Ornament
Hang this magnificent silver, black, and red DC-3 Airplane ornament on your tree. The all-tin DC-3's..
Tim Flying Bird DaVinci Ornithopter
Tim flaps his wings and he really flies like a bird. This Schylling exclusive from France is a scie..
Art Deco Flight Clock Solid Aluminum
A gorgeous Solid Cast Aluminum Art Deco Flight Clock. You will never be late to the Airport with thi..
Robot Glasses Space Specs Green
See the world through the eyes of a Robot with our Robot Glasses Retro Space Specs. The green, red ..
Airplane Fairy Tale Ride Mini
A mini Merry-Go-Round ride featuring 3 brightly colored airplanes and 6 simple illustrations from Eu..
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Christmas Crossroad Train Classic Set
A tin toy Christmas Classic Train Set! Just wind up our cute train and watch as it rapidly moves alo..
Man on Trick Cart
Our entertainer drives his trick cart with wild abandon! His 3 wheeled yellow cart goes backward and..
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Planet Rocket Go Round
A "Made in West Germany" original wind-up tin toy (marked by JW Toys). This refined litho toy featur..
Green Curtis Biplane
Our Green Curtis Biplane will spin its propeller and taxi for liftoff. The all-tin Biplane is a nice..
Retro Cap Bomb
Do you remember cap bombs from the age of rockets and the space race? The classic Cap Bomb is all me..
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Military Dual Propeller Plane Paya Camo
Our DJW D-8 Camouflage Propeller Plane spins its two red propellers as it rolls toward lift-off. Two..
Tokyo Subway Car
Our Tokyo Subway Car runs on the yellow line from the tech shops of Akihabara to the museums of Ryog..
Folding Red Airplane Unique Tin Toy
Travel back in time with the Folding Red Airplane. This tin toy is a replica of the original toy by ..
Jetfire Glider Classic Balsa Wood Plane
Travel back in time with the Jetfire Glider. This balsa wood toy is an American original plane by Gu..
Modern Train Classic Tin Toy Set 1940
Just wind it up our Modern Train and watch it move along, turning about on the metal track in a figu..
Christmas Steam Train Ornament
Hang this nice bright red and black Stream Train ornament on your tree. Our adorable striped Christ..
Chinook RAF Helicopter
Wow, the Chinook helicopter is now a wind-up toy! Our high quality all-tin Chinook spins both sets o..
DC3 Airplane Schylling Tin Toy
Travel back in time with the DC-3 Airplane. This tin toy is a fun replica of the original plane. ..
Christmas 1908 Red Train
A classic tin train circa 1908. Wind-up this bright red train with silver and brass details and hear..
Streamline Train
All Aboard!! Venture back in time with this reproduction of the Flying Yankee Streamline Train. It..
Purple Pleasure Train
All aboard the LMS Purple Pleasure Train! Just like the popular tin trains of the 1940's and 1950's,..
Express Steam Locomotive
Our Express Steam Locomotive (number 468) has a bright red, blue and yellow exterior. Wind-up this..
Graf Zeppelin Ornament
Hang this small yellow and purple Zeppelin ornament on your tree. The all-tin Graf Zeppelin's wheel..
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KA 50 Russian Black Shark Helicopter
The KA-50 Helicopter features a unique coaxial rotor design just like the famous Russian Black Shark..
Air Plane ST1 Silver
Travel back in time with the ST-1 Air Plane. Push this tin plane to taxi away and spin the plastic p..