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Twin Gyroscope
Two Gyroscopes in one Retro Package! Produced since 1917, the gyroscope has been a classic education..
$15.98 $14.98
Gyroscope Classic Science Toy
Produced since 1917, the gyroscope has been a classic educational toy for generations. It continues ..
$8.98 $7.98
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World's Simplest Motor Science Toy Kit
Build and observe the World's Simplest motor that converts electrical energy into motion!  With..
$8.98 $7.98
Pet Tornado Weather Maker STEM Toy
Make a storm inside the clear cylinder of our Pet Tornado Maker.  Rotate the transparent drum t..
$7.98 $6.98
Magna-Trix Magnets Set of 3 STEM Toy
With the Magna-Trix Magnets Set discover the strange world of magnetic forces. Watch them float..
$6.98 $4.98
Giant Solar Powered Balloon Science 50 Feet
Explore Giant-sized solar science fun! This 50 foot long balloon soars high in the sky powered by th..
$21.98 $19.98
Original Timmy Flying Bird Ornithopter
Timmy flaps his wings and he really flies like a bird. This original ornithopter from France is a sc..
$12.98 $9.98
Right Angle Prism Acrylic Rainbow Science
Create a rainbow of light rays with our Right Angle Prism toy. Shine white light through the clear t..
$8.98 $6.98
Sun Art Paper 4x6 Photo Science Blue Prints
With our Sun Art Kit, all you need is sunshine, water and your creativity to make unique and beautif..
$8.98 $7.98
Plasma Ball Mini Lightning Lamp Tesla
Our Plasma Ball is filled with mini lightning bolts that arc toward your fingers when you touch the ..
$17.98 $15.98