Broken & Scratched

Broken & Scratched

These new toys are discounted because they arrived with scratches or they do not work.

We carefully inspect every product that we sell, and unfortunately these attractive toys did not meet our high standards.  At these low prices, these items do not qualify for any additional discounts or coupons.

Every toy deserves to be loved.  None of our toys is ever sent to the Island of Misfit Toys!

Who buys broken and scratched toys?

We sell these imperfect items to artists, who alter and paint the toys as a part of a masterpiece or wild earrings.  TV shows and Stage Desingers buy these toys to fill the set with fun artifacts.  Collectors buy broken toys to get the parts to repair an old toy.  Young Scientists and Teachers get broken wind up toys to take them apart to invent new machines.  Santa's Elves build a big Christmas Tree with just broken toys.

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