Coca Cola Tablecraft

TableCraft offers retro Coca Cola themed products for your retro Diner or 1950's style kitchen, like Straw Holders, Toothpick Dispensers, Napkins, and Salt and Pepper shakers.  All with the classic Coca-Cola logo from the early 20th Century.
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Coca Cola Napkins Dispenser Chrome
Our attractive Coca Cola Napkin Dispenser will look great in your 1950's diner kitchen.  This r..
$16.98 $14.98
Coca Cola Bottle Opener Wall Mount Metal
Pop the metal cap of any bottle with our classic Coca-Cola wall mounted bottle opener. This solid me..
$9.98 $8.98
Coca Cola Napkins Refill 100 Ct
Refill your Napkin Holder with these Retro Coca-Cola paper napkins.  These white facial napkins..
$9.98 $6.98
Coca Cola Kitchen Timer 60 Minutes
Tick Tock, It's time for a Coke! Our original Coca-Cola Kitchen Timer spins the Coke Bottle and keep..
$18.98 $15.98
Coca Cola Toothpick Dispenser
Pickup a fresh toothpick from our cute Cola-Cola dispenser! Our original Coca-Cola Toothpick Dispens..
$21.98 $19.98
Coca Cola Straws Dispenser Glass Chrome
Our original 1950's Coca-Cola tin straw holder features a clear glass cylinder and chrome metal...
$26.98 $24.98
Coca Cola Bottle Salt or Pepper Shaker Glass
Our Coca-Cola bottle salt or pepper shaker can spice up your dining table. This tall Coke bottle 1s ..
$4.98 $2.98