The World's Smallest Barbie is a miniature version of the original American fashion doll from 1959! This tiny Barbie is only 3 inches tall with tiny sunglasses too! Now you can pose the retro girl doll into action fashion poses. This 1959 retro Barbie wears her original black and white striped outfit.  A unique Barbie tiny toy and a special gift for anyone who loves Barblie.

Mattel Toys introduced Barbie in 1959. By 1971 Barbie was the most popular toy in America. Now you can share this famous career woman in our mini size!

Type: One Plastic Barbie Doll in Striped Outfit - Mini Size
Category: Classic Toy - 1956 Original Bendable Toy - Ages 6+
Size: 3" Tall (3 x .75 x .25 inches)
Package: Clear Card - Barbie World's Smallest - Yes Actually Works!

Aaron's Giggle Meter: 10 of 10

UPC: 859421005060 ASIN: B06Y4FGFZF Super Impulse 1959 Barbie