Popular Classic Toys of the Past 150 Years

It is no surprise that we love classic toys, vintage games, and puzzles from a bygone era. These retro playthings have an inherently unique quality – a sense of history that pulls us back to vintage Americana, classic Europe, and beyond. From basic sock toys of the late 1800’s to metallic Slinky’s of the 1940’s, classic toys and games have soldiered on to stake a claim in our collective histories. Now, you can observe firsthand how some of these popular classic toys have evolved over the past 150 years. Cap guns of the mid 1800’s allowed young kids to play Cowboys and Indians – all while real Cowboys moseyed down the streets next to them. Robby the Robot toys and outlandish Ray Guns ushered in the Space Era, providing young kids with plenty to dream about. From Hula Hoops to Sea Monkeys, and beyond – we simply love classic toys, and this new infographic will take you on a stroll down memory lane. Classic toys and games from Tin Toy Arcade deliver hours of fun and a unique experience that can be shared by those of all ages. Take a moment and check out our compilation of the most popular classic toys from the past 150 years!

Most Popular Classic Toys of All Time - Tin Toy Arcade

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