D&D Pirates Playset 16 Pieces Figures Set

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Pirates of the Caribbean Sea Playset Figures

Reenact the excitement of the Pirates on the Caribbean Sea with our retro Pirates Playset! Our classic 16 Piece Pirates Plastic Playset includes a treasure chest, a cannons, a motley crew of action pirates. Collect all of our fantasy playset figures and pirate toys.

Playsets were classic fantasy fun in the 1950’s to 1970’s. The famous Marx Toy Company introduced these miniature figures in the 1950’s after World War II.

Type: Plastic Playset • 16 Piece Set
Category: Plastic Figures Playset • Not for children under 3
Size: 8" Wide Bag (8 x 6 x 3 inches)
Package: Clear Bag Envelope • “Pirates Playset - On the High Seas”

Aaron's Giggle Meter: 10 of 10
For Ages Ages 3+
Material Plastic
Color Primary

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