Popeye the Sailor Man Bendable 1929

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Popeye Action Figure Bendable 1929

Pose our retro Popeye, the original comic muscle man! Bend his neck, tattooed arms and legs into action. Popeye was the most popular cartoon character of the 1930’s with his distinctive musical corn cob pipe, anchor tattoos, and hunger for spinach. Featured in comic strips cartoons, song, and movies, Popeye is a true American icon. Collect his girl, Olive Oyl and all of our classic flexible characters and key chains!

Type: Plastic Color Posable Characters - Popeye - Large Size
Category: Classic Bendable Toy - 1929 Original Bendable Toy - Not for children under 3
Size: 6.5" Tall (6.5 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches)
Package: Retro Color Card - “Popeye Bendable Poseable" retro graphic

Aaron's Giggle Meter: 9 of 10
For Ages Ages 3+
Material Plastic
Color Blue

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