Classic Wooden Pop Gun Cork Toy

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Wooden Pop Gun Toy Classic Cork on String

The Pop Gun is an American classic toy in the spirit of the real weapons of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Pull the handle to load the cork in our 9 inch Wooden Pop Gun. Quickly push the handle to safely POP out the cork, making a loud, but pleasant POP sound. The Pop Gun is also a demonstration of air pressure effects. Our striped Pop Gun looks and feels like a vintage toy. Get several Pop Guns to reenact American military history!

Type: Wooden Pop Gun • All Wood Gun with Cork on String
Category: Classic Wooden Toy • Not for children under 5
Size: 9" Long Box (9 x 2 x 1.25 inches)
Package: Clear Envelope Sealed Bag

Aaron's Giggle Meter: 10 of 10

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