Z Insects Wind Ups

Wind up our creepy Incects and Bugs as a practical prank or a fun plaything for your pet.  Our plastic wind up bugs like to play with people and animals.

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Saul the Spider Walking Wind Up
Saul the Spider moves his feelers as he walks in the night. The translucent blue and yellow creatur..
$4.98 $3.98
Lori the Ladybug Walking WindUp 2010
Our happy Ladybug Lori nods her head back and forth while she walks on her 6 shiny green feet. Our a..
$5.98 $3.98
Winky the Frog Winking Wind Up 2010
Our cute Winky the Frog hops on his webbed feet and ten suddenly stops to slowly blink his red eyeli..
$5.98 $4.98
Buzz Yellow Jacket Windup Runner
Buzz the Yellow Jacket scrambles wildly around on his big feet. With black stripes Buzz happily pret..
$5.98 $4.98